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market intelligence/ market research/ development of business strategies

Market research, market analysis, and industry profiles are services that are offered by accessio to give you a first overview of the targeted market in the United States, Germany/ Europe, or Mainland China. These services are customized to the client’s needs and are individually formed depending on the targeted industry. This market intelligence, generally backed with interviews of selected key market participants, provides the foundation for developing sound market entry options. The results of these services will be discussed with the client to determine a “best-fit” entry scenario and then presented and documented in a personalized report, including some or all the following subjects:

• Market/Industry Reports
( incl. customer requirements and purchasing criteria by key segments, size, growth, opportunities, threats, success factors)
• Competitor Analysis ( relative strengths and weaknesses, strategies of key players)
• Company Needs Analysis ( company’s own relative strengths and weaknesses, strategic scenarios to enter new and/or expand successfully existing key market segments

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