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The most often established relationship with a customer is that of accessio representing a company in the market as a company agent. accessio can fulfill your representation needs in local offices without spending limitless resources and minimizing the risk within your own organization.

If your main interest is to increase your direct client market share, accessio can partner up with you to increase your sales, expand your network of clients and help your market grow. In addition, accessio can open up doors to distribution and sales channels, retailers, and accompany your product launch on an ongoing basis. Additionally, depending on the chosen strategy, accessio can assist in finding licensing partners, joint venture partners, or open up channels into OEM manufacturers and integrators.

accessio and its partners can assist you in the following detailed services:

  • Detailed Client, Distributor and Dealer Searches and identification of potential Strategic Partners.
  • Access to our industry contacts, our network of companies, multipliers, government organizations, and our extensive access to various other industry databases.
  • Identification of companies that fit the desired target market and profile.
  • Assistance in your sales efforts and business development strategies
  • Matchmaking of companies
  • Research on the current market potential and possible market size and target markets for your products/services in the new market – if need be, focus on initial selected key markets
  • In-House training of one of accessio’s representatives on your product/service
  • We work closely with your senior management to develop a basic sales and sales support strategy for your business in the new market. We will develop your value proposition, market position against existing and emerging competitors, select your best-fit target markets, and address with you together your budget for the required sales and sales support activities
  • If needed, accessio will accompany and assist you during the certification process of your products for the given market (TUV, CE, UL, CEC, etc.).
  • Trade show assistance (before and after the show); accessio can also organize conferences, symposiums and workshops on your behalf
  • Cooperation with local government and municipalities in regards to incentives and possible subsidies for your business
  • Strategy Implementation developed by previous market research and intelligence using our company agent and local office services

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